Nixon Peabody

In 2016 while working with VML - Atlanta, our Lead Designer/ Creative Director, Antoine Stephenson was brought in to submit designs for this Nixon Peabody LLP. NP Is a is a global law firm, with more than 600 attorneys collaborating across major practice areas in cities across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Part of the design challenge was to plan for the multiple branches of the law office and languages that this site would be viewed in. Starting from sketches we developed the flow and function of the site in partnership with VML. We used their brand colors, and designed all the templates that would be used by the development team to build and launch the website. We are proud to say in this day and age when websites are always changing Nixon Peabody is still using this design and it has lasted the test of time.


VML - Nixon Peabody


Antoine Stephenson



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